Innovative Learning in Pleasantdale

The very talented, Mr. Madsen (PMS Social Studies Teacher) created the logo for our C4 Learning Plan

The very talented, Mr. Madsen (PMS Social Studies Teacher) created the logo for our C4 Learning Plan


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
~Steve Jobs

Over the course of the school year, a group of teachers and parents have been studying how technology can be used in Pleasantdale to enhance teaching and learning. As this group has worked, we’ve realized that our study really focuses more on great learning than it does on the use of technology. Simply stated, technology is only one means by which we are able to accomplish our goal of a world-class educational experience.

With that realization, we changed our focus from the what of technology to the why and how. Infusing technology into our classrooms for the sake of saying we have is not best practice and does nothing to help our students learn. However, a thoughtful use of tech tools to provide students with new experiences and enhance their learning makes a lot of sense.

This innovative learning team created a plan that is sure to provide our students with the requisite experiences they need to be successful as they move to high school, college, and career. The district’s plan is comprised of the following categories and goal statements and is called our C4 (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) Learning Plan.

  • Student Learning: Accelerate student learning by embedding best practices into all curricular areas.
  • Effective Teaching: Integrate C4 Learning into daily practices
  • Resources for Teaching: Provide students and staff the resources to support the curriculum while meeting the needs and interests of the school community
  • Support for Teaching: Utilize tools that permit learners to engage in collaborative work

As you read through the C4 Learning Plan, you will find that there is a distinct focus on great teaching and deep learning. This plan is less about “stuff” and more about improving the classroom experience. The plan sets a direction for the district, but doesn’t bind us to a single course of action. While it is comprehensive, it is also only a single page that is easily understood and allows for measurable improvements. As we begin to implement this plan, you can expect to hear more about the positive impact our C4 Learning Plan is having on our schools.

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2 comments on “Innovative Learning in Pleasantdale
  1. Laura Sniader says:

    This plan is brilliant, Dave. It will keep students engaged, help them progress through new material, and give them the tools to apply their learning to real life situations and problem solving. C4 also benefits all types of learners. I hope you bring it back to Dist 39 and/or 230 soon! In the meantime, thank you for sharing this valuable information.

    • David says:

      Thanks, Laura! We are so excited about this plan and really proud of our work. We know that this plan will move the needle for our students and we look forward to turning the plans into practices. I know that 39 is in great hands and will continue to move forward as well.

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