Don’t Forget the Parents


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
~Steve Jobs

Over the course of this school year, our teachers have been experimenting with the use of new technologies. Specifically, our fourth and fifth grades have been piloting Google Apps for Education. This cloud-based computing program allows students to collaborate in new ways and is changing the way our teachers teach. It has been wonderful to see the excitement in our teachers and students eyes as they explore these new tools.

As part of our C4 Learning Plan, we have been working to ensure the devices our students and teachers are using work well. This means making changes to our technology infrastructure and keeping computers in good repair. Likewise, students have had lessons on how to use these tools effectively. Additionally, we have been working closely with our teachers to ensure they have the professional development they need to get the most out of these tools in the classroom. Finally, it is our responsibility to ensure that parents have the skills and knowledge they need to manage these tools at home and help their children.

Pleasantdale is a school community of involved and curious parents. They want to be able to support our schools. However, as we begin to use new tools in our schools, parents need support as well. This week we took a big step forward to help our parents to better understand the tools that are being used in school. Our fourth and fifth grade teachers, along with the administration, hosted a Google Parent Night. The goal of this parent workshop was to provide parents with the background they need to help their child and answer any questions they may have about this great tool.

I am proud to say that our parents jumped right in and got “Googly” with us. Participants learned how to navigate Google Apps and learned how it is used every day in the classroom. In the future we will be hosting additional workshops on managing devices at home, cyber safety, and how the tools are used at school.

We understand that any well-rounded learning plan needs to support teacher, students AND parents and we are proud to partner with our biggest supporters.

If you would like to watch a video of the presentation, CLICK HERE

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