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The time is always right to do what is right.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

When we think of a well-rounded education, we not only expect students will receive a solid foundation in the basics (reading, writing, and math) but we would expect that students learn how to think and solve difficult problems. Likewise, we would want our students to learn the importance of serving others. We know that serving others not only builds character, but is a life skill that will serve our students well long after they leave us. At Pleasantdale schools, we have worked hard to provide kids with experiences that require them to serve their community and those less fortunate.

At the elementary school, students help coordinate a food drive to support the Greater Chicago Food Pantry. Additionally, our youngest learners donate warm weather gear to help struggling families. Our elementary students also write letters to our veterans at Hines VA Hospital and engaged in activities to raise awareness of diabetes through Go Blue on World Diabetes Day.

As our students grow and develop into caring young adults, the opportunities for service advance and multiply. At the middle school, our Student Council coordinated Bingo for a group of seniors at the Park District. We also had groups of students create holiday ornaments which were used to decorate a nearby hospital. Additionally, we have groups of students serve at Feed My Starving Children, packing sustenance for children in far-off countries. We also have service opportunities within our school walls. Our eighth grade students serves as tutors and mentors for younger students during Tutor Club, and groups of students are partnered with students new to the school by being student ambassadors.

As you can see, our students have ample opportunity to give back to their community through service. I am sure that your family also engages in activities that help your children develop into the caring adults we hope they will become. Serving others every day is part of the fabric of the Pleasantdale culture, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and beyond.

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  1. Laura says:

    Awesome efforts to provide a very well rounded education for the kids in your school district. They are learning valuable skills, such as empathy, and giving back, that will benefit them and those who they come in contact with throughout their life. Thank you, Dave!

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