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Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.
Anthony J. D’Angelo

Last night, I had the pleasure of witnessing how wonderful the Pleasantdale community really is.  As you may know, we hosted an art gallery event to honor Ms. Washburn’s recent Those Who Excel award.  This was an amazing evening full of stories, laughter, and of course, artwork.  It was heartwarming to see Ms. Washburn reconnect with former students and parents.  I am amazed by her ability to not only remember the names of former students but also the projects they completed when they were 12 years old.

IMG_1418In education, we are quick to point to the power and long-lasting impact of a great teacher.  Last night, I saw evidence of that power.  Several of Ms. Washburn’s former students are current art educators and credit their career choice to their time in her class.  There were also a handful of attendees who chose a career in the arts because of Ms. Washburn.  Likewise, I spoke with alumni who moved to the Pleasantdale School District so their children could have the “Washburn Experience.”  These are great indicators of the impact a great teacher can have on a community.

What made last night’s event “perfectly Pleasantdale” was the relaxed and small town feel of the event.  If we think about it, we had a room full of people coming together around a shared expeIMG_1416rience.  The alumni and parents had their own “Washburn Memories” and enjoyed sharing their experiences with others.  I witnessed alumni from totally different generations come together, laugh, and reminisce around this shared experience.  The feel in the room was wonderful, and I am proud to have been a part of this event.  Moving forward, we will continue to enhance the Pleasantdale Experience and help our kids to grow and develop.

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2 comments on “Anytown USA
  1. Nancy Richter says:

    Mrs. Washburn exemplifies the high quality of Pleasantdale teachers who meld content expertise with their enthusiasm and love of students.

  2. Kim Barker says:

    Ms. Washburn is an amazing woman and teacher! We have been blessed to have her for 43 years! Thank you for honoring her!

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