Governance Team Operating Procedures (GTOP)


I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition.
~Jean-Francois Cope

It has been said that truly great school districts are lead by great governance teams.  A governance team for a school district is made up of an elected school board and the superintendent.  This team works together to set the vision for the district and sets forth plans to realize that vision.  The governance team in Pleasantdale 107 has made a commitment to working together to ensure that our students get the best school experience.

To communicate this commitment,  the team spent time over the summer developing Governance Team Operating Procedures (GTOP, pronounced “G-TOP”).  Additionally, at the September Board of Education meeting, the Board formally adopted the GTOP.  This two-page document acts as a guide to ensure that systems and structures are in place to move our district in the right direction.  This is a wonderful step forward and speaks volumes as to the Board’s commitment to a well-run and transparent organization.

During the creation of the GTOP, each Board Member drafted a legacy statement.  These statements identified what each Board Member hopes this Board will be remembered for.  As you read a sample of the legacy statements below, I think you’ll agree that this Board has a clear focus on doing what is right for kids.

  • The Board values high-quality education and strives to be better every day.
  • The Board has a long-term strategy for how the district will look in the future.
  • The Board has the best interest of the students in mind when decisions are made.

Additionally, the GTOP clearly define how the Board/Superintendent relationship should develop and outlines expectations for each group.

I am proud to be a part of the Governance Team and look forward to doing great work in our schools.  This Board is committed to what promises to be a fantastic future.

If you would like to review the full GTOP document please click the link below.


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