Building a Better Pleasantdale: Learning Capacity (2 of 4)

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.
Brad Henry

As you may know, our district’s Strategic Blueprint outlines the steps the district will take to move from great to greater. Our plan contains three goal areas which will help us achieve the vision of the plan’s architects, the Future Planning Committee. The first goal area is Building Learning Capacity. The goal statement for Building Learning Capacity states, “Pleasantdale leaders and learners will cultivate advancement of global competency and cultural awareness through innovative learning experiences.”

This goal area focuses on action steps that will help improve teaching and learning in our schools. These action steps include implementing new teaching methods, integrating technology and new curricula, meeting state standards, improving test scores, becoming digital citizens, and so much more. This category makes sure that our students are able to compete in a global economy and have the skills to be successful in high school and well beyond.

The staff worked hard to draft action steps that will help make the Building Learning Capacity goal statement a reality. The action steps that the staff will focus on next year can be found in the table below.

Explore and pilot opportunities that provide students with experiences which allow them to be communicators, problem solvers and global citizens and individuals (e.g., coding, MakerSpaces, recording rooms, genius hour, STEAM, etc.).
Build capacity in growth mindset in the Pleasantdale community.
Complete and publish an aligned curriculum in all fundamental learning areas (2-3 disciplines per year) prekindergarten through eighth that embeds technology and global competencies.
Investigate various differentiation strategies to improve student learning through the use of formative and standardized assessment.
Expand the technology committee to enhance the C4 learning plan and evaluate its effectiveness.

As you can see, these action steps will be the catalyst to propel our district forward. I think you would agree that these action steps give our district a solid foundation on which to Build a Better Pleasantdale. I continue to be excited by our plan, and I look forward to unpacking our next goal area next week.

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