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What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
~Zig Ziglar

As we enter into summer mode, it is important to reflect on the great progress we made this school year.  At the June Board of Education meeting, I presented our progress on our year-one roadmap.  When creating our goals back in September, we sought a balance between challenge and ease.  We knew if our goals were too easily attainable, they would likely fail to be meaningful to our organization.  On the other hand, if we wrote goals that put success quite far out, then we could face failure and the danger of becoming a stagnant organization.

The right balance between challenge and ease means that we should expect to see that some of our deliverables are completed and others are in progress.

To clearly and easily communicate the progress of our goals to our community, we have created a Goals Scorecard.  This at-a-glance document is an easy way to see and measure our progress.  As you can see from the scorecard, the green cells (or completed items) far exceed those colored yellow (in-progress) and red (not accomplished).  The items that are in-progress are those that take a significant amount of time to address.  These areas include improvements in the climate/culture of our buildings, changes to pedagogy and instruction, and major curricular updates.  While we did categorize these areas as in progress, we are well on our way to making significant improvements in all these areas.

Items that are either in progress or not achieved will not simply fall off our plate.  We will continue to work on these goals and ensure that they are fully realized.  The year-one roadmap was a wonderful tool to help move our schools from great to greater.  As we enter into year two, we will continue with a similar goals format.  Additionally, we will be taking on a community process to create a five-year strategic plan.  This process will bring our community together to envision what it means for our kids to get a Pleasantdale Education.  I am excited to work with our community on this process and know that the end result will be amazing.

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