How Does Your Garden Grow?


Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

In Pleasantdale, we are working hard to take a great organization and make it better.  There are several ways in which we will accomplish this task.  First, we will work hard to build strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders that are supported by a foundation of transparency and proactive communication.  We also realize that there are opportunities for growth within our organization, and we will be exploring ways to address them.  Additionally, we will put forward a set of district goals that will guide our work and lend focus for this year.

The word “organization” conjures up thoughts of mammoth companies or large bureaucratic governmental units.  The reality is that an organization is any collection of people that are working toward a common goal.  That includes school districts, school buildings, classrooms, athletic teams, and even our marriages and families.  Much has been written on what makes an organization great.  When I think of how one cultivates a great organization, I often think of a garden, and these gardens have green-thumbed masters at the helm.

You can ask any accomplished gardener, and he/she will tell you that they don’t grow outstanding vegetables or flowers.  Winning horticulturists know they simply create the conditions for plants to grow well.  They make sure that the Ph level of the soil is well balanced.  They ensure that the plants are watered at regular intervals.  They give the plants the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.  I’ve heard one story about a plantsman that swore singing to his plants created the necessary conditions for success.

The point here is simple: great leaders, like great gardeners, create conditions where people within the organization can do their best work.  This is precisely why, in Pleasantdale, we are improving communication, supporting our teachers, and implementing plans that will allow our organization to thrive.  We will continue to create conditions where our “gardens” bring about the best results.  In the coming weeks, I will provide more information on our district goals and what we plan to accomplish this year.  Thank you for reading and for watching us “grow.”

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