55:45, the Magic Ratio

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
~Michael Jordan

As we think back on our own school experiences, I am sure our thoughts wander to a favorite activity or being a member of a team.  Maybe you were the star of the debate team or you were on the Flags Team.  Some of us had our first leadership experiences through student council or fell in love with a language through French Club.  Some of you may have found the value of service through social service clubs or other volunteer opportunities.  Still others may have helped classmates through a peer tutoring program.  Maybe you were a theater kid who loved to be on stage and to hear the sound of the audience applause.  These activities helped shape our school experience and are just as valuable as the core content we learned in the classroom.

To clarify, I am not saying that the core content is unimportant.  It is my belief that  if we were to divide up the total school experience, what happens in the classroom should be 55% of the experience.  The lessons we teach and the skills we provide are of critical importance, but so are the activities that kids have outside of the classroom.  This is evidenced by the memory makers from our own schooling.  I am sure that the fondest memories you have of school are not learning to solve linear equations, but the connections you made with others.  At our schools, we want every child to participate in an extracurricular activity outside of the classroom.  Simply put, we want every child to run, jump, sing, act, be a part of a team, make new friends, and know that they belong to something bigger than themselves.  Going through school without participating in extracurricular activities is like looking at a Monet painting in black and white.  While still very beautiful and expressive, there’s something missing.

At HMS and WJHS, we have worked hard to provide high quality extracurricular activities to our students.  Our PTOs and Youth Connection have helped us through club and art offerings.  Kids in our schools can participate in a host of non-cut inclusive sports, as well as, non-competitive athletic opportunities like Dance Team.  Though our drama department, we are able to offer high quality drama productions.  Our teachers host debate teams, essay competitions, and math teams.  Kids are able to help others in need and make a difference through our service clubs.  We have multiple opportunities for kids to take on leadership roles through student council and our student task forces.  Our extra curricular offerings keep changing and evolving to meet the needs of our students and ensure that we are able to achieve the magic 55:45 ratio.  As we move into the second quarter of the school year, please encourage your child to be a part of our wonderful extracurricular activities.

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